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Sunflowers Décor Stamp
Sunflowers Décor Stamp
Sunflowers Décor Stamp

Sunflowers Décor Stamp

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IOD Sunflowers is a clear stamp set with two 12 x 12 sheets featuring sunflower blossoms in different sizes and angles as well as leaves and stems. These elements can be arranged to ‘build’ whatever composition you want – a floral wreath, a field of wildflowers, side drawer peek-a-boo flowers — whatever you can imagine!

The Sunflower stamp set is large coloring book style florals

2 pages of 12 in x 12 in stamps

Large sunflowers, leaves, and stems to create so many beautiful things!

The IOD décor stamps aren’t just for furniture and home décor, you can use them to transform your food art as well! The stamps are made from a food safe material (do not use the same sets for food and paint ;)). But be warned- they are not for high heat applications. Do NOT put in dishwasher, they will melt at extreme heats. And then you will be extremely heated too.