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Hi! My name is Birgit Hefler

I am the owner and artist of SOMETHING FROM SOMEWHERE "Organically Reborn Furniture & Décor".  I love everything to do with decorating a home. I especially love vintage home accessories and painting vintage furniture and give them a new life Naturally

I believe in giving the rusty and old a new life, a new purpose and doing so naturally. All the paints, waxes and materials I use are Environmentally Friendly, Certified Child Safe and Non-Toxic. From the process of cleaning with sugar scrub and essential oils to sealing them with natural waxes and finishing coats. I only use 100 % V.O.C. Free, Clay, Chalk and Milk paints. 

I am an active Reiki Master, AromaTouch Therapist and Yoga Coach and have combined my knowledge and training to treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit and now extending it to your home. I believe as many of you, that our home is our Temple and is an extension of our self. The energy in our home just like in our bodies is important to stay balanced, happy and healthy. I bring this balance into all the furniture and home décor. All my pieces receive energy clearing before going to their new home!

On my page you will be able to watch how to videos, buy paint, browse my completed pieces for sale, and get in touch with me to custom paint your ideas into reality. To stay up to date on my current projects, and vintage markets be sure to follow me on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.  

Our Home is our Temple!

| Every single furniture piece has its own unique identity. I pay close attention to the details which then become the deciding factors of the chosen technique, paint used and pattern of color. 


The type of wood, condition and the era is all taken into consideration to giving an old piece a New Life and not just painting it, but creating a work of Art. 

| SOMETHING FROM SOMEWHERE... Finds a lot of inspiration in the past. Respecting age-old techniques in the old things and the old ways lets me give a soul to a unique piece of furniture and accessory. 

Traditional methods and tools of old-world craftsmanship shapes my work. It is not a commercialized reproduced product, but rather one that has heart and meaning.


      If you have any questions just send us an email and we'll get back to you.
Phone: +1-786.301.2839

Thank you!