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SOMETHING... old you want to sell?

 If you have a barn full of antiques or a collection of just about anything we may want to buy it.

  • Old Furniture and Home Decor: trunks, lamps, chairs, tables, telephones, photographs, clocks, file cabinets, dressers, mirrors etc.
  • Old Toys: tin, windup
  • Vending Machines: coke, candy, gum ball
  • Old Bottles
  • Advertising Items: old signs
  • Cast Iron
  • Wagon Wheels

We are always on the hunt for "Rusty Vintage Finds" and we want to meet you and pay you cash for just about anything old.


You come to us...

You can bring the items you want to sell to us. We will examine them and make an offer. If you accept the offer we will pay you cash. Appointment is needed.  Bring as much stuff as you want. There is no limit to the amount of items you can bring in! We are located in Palm City Farms. 

We come to you...

If you have a large amount of items or items are too large to bring in we will come visit you. If you have a barn, storage unit, garage full of whatever that's great! If you have items in your home that's also great. Whatever you have that you might want to sell we want to see it. If it is old, collectible invite us over. It's free and there is no obligation in any way. Give us a call at and don't worry we don't mind getting dirty! In fact we kind of like it!

Call us or Email us... 

Contact us to make an appointment and bring your items. We can meet privately and discreetly at a time that works best for you. We accept appointments everyday including weekends. 

This is a free service!